Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome and Hello!

Hi, there. Thank you for visiting my new blog/portfolio site. I'm still setting things up, but seeing I already gotten some page views, I decided to at least do my first blog post. The name's Mandy and I am a recent college grad who is a new freelance graphic designer and artist. The reason I separate graphic designer and artist is because I know for sure I am a graphic designer, mainly skilled in logo design and vector images. The artist part... Not so much.

I said due to I am still finding out what I want to do as an artist. I am currently at that part of life as an artist where I am rethinking how I do things and trying to figure out which direction in the many offered within the broad field. I am still a graphic designer, but it's mainly the only "sure" part as an artist I know, but the rest I am trying to figure out. However, it is not exactly good to do with trying to change your freelancing tactics with learning new methods of marketing and networking... Hence earlier this week I experienced social media burnout as I illustrated below.
Not very fun, especially since I am not a big person on social media to begin with. Hence, I decided to do a new Google account(deleted my old one due to having no information for recovery form) and begin using my Google account to keep most of my social media in one place instead of constantly going all around the place on the net. I am also going to close down my old portfolio site and keep it here on this blog, though I might make a more formal one later for business purposes once I get my freelancer grove going as I am still working that as well.

Now, the purpose of this blog is actually for helping both myself and viewers reading this blog. It's to help me finally get some direction as an artist and such while sharing my adventures(or is is misadventures?) as I finally become the artist I want to be. I will also share knowledge I know and learn along the way on this blog to pass along what might be helpful to other artists or even just a normal person. I am not an expert, but so were(and are) many who are also at that same point where I am now at. I know I am not exactly a good teaching, but if someone can learn from my mistakes and eureka moments I expose here, then that's good enough for me. Now, let's get started on this journey... Once I figure out how to work Blogger and other Google services...