Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekly Post for October 2014 Daily Doodle #1

Howdy! To make it easier on myself, I will be posting my daily doodles in weekly bundles for on my blog. I will be doing this every Friday. I just started my daily doodles back this week, hence only three for this week. Also organizing them by month to make it easier for me to keep up. All my daily doodles for the rest of October will be Halloween themed. Well, hope you enjoy my doodles and see ya next week!

Daily Doodle 10/2014 1-A Batty Witch
Daily Doodle 10/2014 2-A Sneaky Schoolgirl Witch
Daily Doodle 10/2014 3-A Headless Pumpkin Fairy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

30 Day Sketchbook Challenge 15-30

Well, finally getting to posting here again. The last two weeks have be hectic and I had been unable to post here with trying to keep up with my challenge. Hence doing a mass post of the second half of my 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge. Also starting back up my daily doodle, though will be posting them here in a weekly update which will start this Friday.

Day 15-Favorite Video Game Character
Day 16-Something to represent favorite song
Day 17-Favorite Holiday
Day 18-A couple
Day 19-Something you fear
Day 20-A comic

Day 21-Something You Hate
Day 22-Favorite Season
Day 23-Something you love
Day 24-Something to represent favorite country
Day 25-Something from folklore
Day 26-Favorite Sweet
Day 27-Favorite Scene from a Movie
Day 28-Draw a room
Day 29-Favorite Weather
Day 30-Tell your readers something, which for me is "Thank you!"

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

30 Day Sketchbook Challenge - Day 13 and 14/ Inktober Begins!

Howdy! Did not get onto Blogger yesterday, so slight catch up. Day 13 was doing a group picture which I did of some slimes from an RPG. Day 14 was to do your favorite book character, so did Shiroe from the light novel series Log Horizon... But, I have also started Inktober and doing a bit of a project with my images. The first one if the characters of the first project, which the project is called Witch.

Day 13-Group Picture
Day 14-Favorite Book Character
Inktober 1-Witch Group Pic