Wednesday, October 22, 2014

30 Day Sketchbook Challenge 15-30

Well, finally getting to posting here again. The last two weeks have be hectic and I had been unable to post here with trying to keep up with my challenge. Hence doing a mass post of the second half of my 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge. Also starting back up my daily doodle, though will be posting them here in a weekly update which will start this Friday.

Day 15-Favorite Video Game Character
Day 16-Something to represent favorite song
Day 17-Favorite Holiday
Day 18-A couple
Day 19-Something you fear
Day 20-A comic

Day 21-Something You Hate
Day 22-Favorite Season
Day 23-Something you love
Day 24-Something to represent favorite country
Day 25-Something from folklore
Day 26-Favorite Sweet
Day 27-Favorite Scene from a Movie
Day 28-Draw a room
Day 29-Favorite Weather
Day 30-Tell your readers something, which for me is "Thank you!"

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