Hello. The name is Mandy Milliron. I am a fresh college grad who is now trying to figure out how to -beeping- live as an artist along with figuring out my exact path in life. I graduated with a degree in art with graphic design and ceramics being my concentrations. I am a pretty well rounded artist... But, sadly, they never had a "How to Live as an Artist" or "Business 101 for Art Major" courses which would have been very useful. So, what did I do? I began to read free books from the local libraries and search online for answers.

I found a lot of helpful advice and such... But, I found myself even more confused than helped. Mainly because as I rethought things... I began to see I am at several crossroads, but still trying to figure out which one to take. Should I go fully into graphic design like I was originally planning? Do I become an illustrator which I would like to be? Should I go to fine art since I do paint and draw and like it to? Or should I take up the wire and clay and go for sculpting which is my expertise in ceramics? Or, should I scrap the whole "art" deal and make a business plan for a yarn shop that is desperately needed in the area? Seriously, whoever opens the next local yarn shop in my area will make a killing. Especially if they keep in stock cones for huge projects and weavers on hand and got everything but the acrylic brands that the local Hobby Lobby, Micheal, and Hancock Fabrics keeps on hand.

So, while I am still sorting though the mess that is my goals, I decided to make a blog. Mainly just to talk about random things as I go through figuring out what the -beep- I really want to be. It's kind of hard when you got a good balance of art skills and like them all... But, haven't yet figured out which one you love the most and the most passion about making art with. I'm a creative person and I like creating things... A lot of things as finding that exact niche I want to be in has been pretty hard and still working at it... Though, I might need a part time job with how things are going. Especially since at the moment, my area isn't exactly in need of a logo and vector image specialized graphic designer for a least a few more years.

So, enjoy my blog and see if you can take something from my posts. I titled my blog "Bewildered Artist" as a homage to other people either in similar or maybe the same shoes as me. As I go along and finally figure out the niche I am good in, maybe I can help others along the way who are fellow bewildered and confused artist. I have two other pages with one having my portfolios and the other with roughs and studies to show the creative process in bare bones. Those will grow as I finally get together an illustration portfolio and maybe even other types depending on if I learn to photograph things better.

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