Studies, Roughs, And More!

This page is mainly to show some of my studies and roughs I done and show that learning is never done and you have to make a fair share of "bad" drawings to get "good" drawings and other such art. It also helps to show my progress as I got along. I have them mostly in slideshows as I will collect up a bunch of studies and rough from one time and put them up here.

Roughs from 2012
Here are some roughs I did for a contest I worked on in class for college. As you can see, my roughs are... well rough. I sometimes will work with such roughs, but I usually try to keep it cleaner now.

Studies and Drawings from 2013 Scientific Illustration Class 
Some of my drawings from my last drawing class in college. Some are a little rough, but I used this class to experiment more with different mediums than what I normally used.

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