Thursday, September 4, 2014

Getting Back on Track with Magic Box

Howdy, everyone. Man, I haven't done a post in a while here, but it was a rough period I needed to get through and it seems now things are calming down a bit(and hope I did not just jinx that). So, what have I been doing the past two months? Writing a lot, but due to the last few weeks of a small panic attack, I been forced to focus on my fanfiction while moving it from the site I usually post on to another site. However, it is helping me realize what I should be focusing on my personal project once I get it off the back burner once my writing area calms down a bit... And I really, REALLY need to avoid Wattpad contests as the writing promps are a breeding ground for plot bunnies. At least for me. I have also some of my daily doodle(okay, not so much daily) project I been trying to keep up in this post for you all to enjoy.

However, the biggest thing in the last two months is I been trying to get part-time or full time work to help cover my student loans and invest back into the career I want. Finally...Well, sort of gotten work as I am working with a temp agency. Not steady income, but it works for me as my expenses are quite low for the time and give me the time I need to also focus on my work as an artist and writer. But, due to finally getting money of my own, I did a little spending spree with my first paycheck I gotten in a long time... No, I did not forget my expenses and in fact, have enough in my back account to cover it for this month.

So, what did I buy? One thing I bought is actually a package of anatomy resources and drawing anatomy ebook from Jazza of the Draw with Jazza Youtube channel. Now, I am good with anatomy, but my issue comes from I have issues drawing humans from references, hence this will help me out as I also work on drawing humans stylized as well. I can draw humans realistically or very cartoony, but have issues getting that middle you see with caricatures. Hence I would love to improve on that issue.  Here's the link to Jazza's video where he explains his book and package with links to his products. Draw With Jazza -Easy Anatomy

The other thing and what I am really excited about is I have finally applied for Chris Oatley's Magic Box. It's an online academy for digital painting taught by Chris Oatley, a Disney artist who quit his job to teach others. The course also is helpful with learning to paint with using computer programs, but can also be applied to traditional painting and drawing. I just managed to get on, so will be seeing how the helps me out. It will at least help me build up my portfolio up at the very least.

However, these two purchases is not the only thing I am doing to try and improve on my art skills. Even though I graduated from college, the drawing professor from the college I went to invited me back to draw in his figure drawing classes. I am taking up that offer and, when I have a free Monday or Wednesday, I will be joining his class to draw and keep my drawing skills up. That and get see if I can get some good drawings for my portfolio with now going into illustration. I will be showing my progress with Magic Box and other drawings here with blog posts. Also, I am restarting my illolifeRPG,but starting back out at level 1 since I now that I got an idea where I am going with my career and will be posting updates on my blog for level updates. Well, hope you enjoy this post and Auto out... Dammit, sorry, wrong blog(have one for my fanfiction now). Meant to say, see ya all later.

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